Yale's New Smart Locks Have Matter In Their Sights

The latest Yale Assure Lock 2 is going to be one of the first smart locks to take the matter of smart-home device unification seriously with... well, Matter. Yale's been making various types of locks for a long time, even coming up with the first smart lock to integrate Google's Nest Weave protocol – a platform that seeks to connect various smart-home accessories together. The thing is, smart-home appliances utilize various platforms that are constantly updating, and not all smart locks can keep up with newer products. Yale's Assure Lock range tried to change that by allowing consumers to upgrade their smart lock system by adding modules to their existing model.

While Yale's HomeKit add-on lets it integrate with Apple products, users need to swap in a different module to support devices from other manufacturers. This is where Yale's new Assure Lock 2 comes in, which aims to provide an upgraded smart lock experience that's also quite future-proof. In a press release, Yale announced that its new smart lock lineup is 30% smaller, easier to install, and comes with Apple Homekit integration right out of the box. Unlocking can be done either physically through its keypad, or remotely via voice assistant, Apple Watch, or the Yale Access app. It also focuses on what really matters: assuring your home's security for years to come.

Making smart locks a matter of convenience

The base Assure Lock 2 features Bluetooth that allows remote unlocking from within the vicinity, whereas the Wi-Fi variant grants access from anywhere with an internet connection. All devices utilize 4 AA batteries and Yale's DoorSense technology. With the help of its app, users can monitor door status and history, set their smart lock to lock and unlock automatically, and even allow guest access using virtual keys. However, what's the point of home security if they become detrimental to your safety over time, right? That's why Yale is hoping to make Assure Lock 2 among the first devices to support Matter — a platform that aims to become the unified standard of smart-home devices.

Although Matter can help ensure the future utility of Yale's new smart locks, its support won't be available until the platform goes live. For now, users can expect their Assure Lock 2 devices to integrate with Apple's ecosystem swimmingly, with support for Z-Wave devices — such as Samsung SmartThings and Ring alarm — coming as a separate model later this year. As for pricing, the base model, WiFi variant, and Z-Wave versions start at $160, $240, and $190, respectively. Fortunately, those with older Assure Lock models won't feel left out either, as, like before, they can simply upgrade them by installing a separate Wi-Fi or Matter module for $80 each.