Today's Wordle Answer #452 - September 14, 2022 Solution And Hints

WordleBot needed four tries to solve today's Wordle puzzle, most players needed an average of 3.3, and we only needed three. We would love for you to solve it in even fewer tries, so here are some hints and nudges to help you do just that. Before we start, here's yesterday's Wordle answer if you missed it.

Today's word is a herb used for flavoring or seasoning, but it also has medicinal and ornamental uses. You'd find it in your kitchen, but it's also a great addition to skincare. The word itself is of common usage, but the letter combination isn't — there's only one vowel ("E") as the last letter of the word. As you'd probably guess, there's a "Y" in there somewhere, but we won't spell out which position exactly, for the sake of players who prefer to work for their win.

One last hint before we reveal the answer: the first letter of the word is "T" and it rhymes with the word dime. If you got the answer already, well done! If you're still unsure, we reveal the answer below the next image.

The solution is oregano's relative

The answer to today's Wordle puzzle (#452 — September 14, 2022) is thyme. It's a Mediterranean herb that yields flowers, leaves, and oil used to treat a range of symptoms and complaints, including diarrhea, stomach ache, sore throat, and arthritis (although if you'd rather not go the herb route, scientists have recently discovered an unexpected treatment for arthritis).

The herb has had interesting usage in history: thyme was used as an embalming fluid by the ancient Egyptians, and people wore posies of thyme during the bubonic plague, believing it had protective properties (via MedicalNewsToday).  Also, ancient Greeks burned thyme as incense in their temples and added it to their bathwater — the common belief was that the herb was a source of courage, according to New World Encyclopedia. In fact, the word thyme is a derivative of the Greek word "thumus," meaning courage.

Today, we solved the puzzle in three tries, even though our first two guesses, "cloud" and "prank," turned up nothing. But "thyme" was our lucky third guess, and we hope you arrive at the answer in even fewer tries.