SlashGear Evening Wrap-Up: June 12, 2012

Jun 12, 2012

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Are you enjoying your week so far? Would you like to get an update on the world of tech news? Here you go - Microsoft Xbox 360 update goes live for some. And in the world of laptops and notebooks, here's something - Dell Vostro notebooks join desktop line with Ivy Bridge. And moving into the smartphone world - Windows Phone 8 places emphasis on what Nokia brings to the table.

Featured: So what were our featured articles today? Well, we are still digesting everything that's going on at Apple's monumental annual Worldwide Developers Conference event this week. But we have pieced together a pretty succint capturing of what it's all about - Apple's unofficial WWDC 2012 theme: independence. Also, we have this - Steey By 50 in-ear wired headphones from SMS Audio review.

WWDC, YouTube, & Max Payne: So in the department of other news that hit the site today, we have yet another overview of WWDC - WWDC 2012 keynote highlights hit 80-second video. We also have some interesting entertainment news related to YouTube - YouTube gets new short film series from CSI creator. And finally, in case you're a mobile game fan or just a fan of Max Payne (or both), check this out - Max Payne Mobile hits Android this week.

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