Zynga shutting down Baltimore studio, consolidating offices

Zynga certainly isn't new to restructuring and shutting down its various studios and offices, and it looks like they're at it again. The COO of Zynga, David Ko, published a blog post today announcing some more changes to the company, namely the closure of its Baltimore studio and the consolidation of three of its offices.

Ko announced, that in order to remain in profitability, the company will be consolidating a few of their offices. This will consist of closing their McKinney, Texas and downtown Austin offices and relocating the employees to the company's Dallas and North Austin offices. Zynga will also be consolidating their NYC offices by moving staff to their NYC mobile studio.

Unfortunately, Baltimore wasn't so lucky, and the company has decided to close the Baltimore studio. However, the employees who requested a transfer were able to get one, and "the overall impact of the consolidations on [the] team is minimal." Of course, some employees were let go, but it's good news that entire studio's worth of employees didn't get the ax.

Ko says that these changes will enable Zynga to focus their "resources on [their] most strategic opportunities." Ko says that there's still a lot of work to do, but it seems that the company is confident enough to come out of this strong and deliver future products to casual gamers all over the internet.