Zygote - The party ball

How exciting can a giant inflatable ball be to a full-grown adult? Well if you've ever been to an outdoor concert, or even a rave you'll know that people love bouncing around inflatable balls. I'm really not sure why, but as soon as you see that thing coming at you, you feel like bouncing it off to the next person. Check out this cool new ball that takes that idea to the next step.

Video after the jump.

The Zygote is a huge ball, about the size a a person that is filled with helium and has a mechanism that makes it light up when it is met with any kind of force. It's just heavy enough that a good push will make it light up and float off to another part of the crowd. It's so simple, yet I could see these things being really popular at concerts.

My only questions are how much one of these would cost and how durable they are. It only takes one jackass in the crowd with a pocketknife to ruin everyone's fun. Not to mention by the time it gets dark enough out to really enjoy these, everyone has usually had their share of booze, so it wouldn't take long before one of these would get deflated by accident.

Zygote party ball adds light to the party [via newlaunches]