Zune sleuth digs up details on two next gen Zunes

Looks like the guys over at Zune Scene got the inside scoop on the next generation Zune player. According to them, one of their Editors happened bump into a Microsoft employee that works on the Zune while on a business trip .

The Microsoft employee was more than happy to spill the beans on a couple of new Zunes that are in the works. The first is the Zune 2.0, and it's pretty much just like the original Zune, only thinner and with a bigger hard drive.

The other is the Flash Zune. It is going to measure in at 1.25in x .25in and the screen will cover 75% of the front. The Flash Zune will be video and WiFi capable. These new Zunes are due out later this year, with 2.4 million units ready for the holiday season. Surprisingly, 2/3 of these are going to be the new Flash Zune.

Zune 2.0 Details Leaked [via Gizmodo]