Zune Pass Subscriptions Jumping Over to the UK?

For one lucky UK-based resident, the Zune Pass snuck up on him. As many of us out there know, the Zune HD isn't available in the UK, and on the software side of things, neither is the Zune Software or Zune Pass. And while there may be plenty of other options, there's at least a few members of civilized society who would love to get their hands on the Zune Pass, which offers up an unlimited amount of song downloads for just $14.99 per month. At least, that's what it costs in the States. UK pricing, if the screenshot is to be believed, is a bit different.

Greg, that UK-based resident we spoke about earlier, signed up for a trial account for the Zune Pass, and he was greeted with a page that confused him. Instead of seeing prices in American dollars, he saw the local price instead. So, how much is the Zune Pass going to cost patrons of the UK, if it does indeed launch some time in the near future? £8.99 per month, or £26.97 for a three month subscription plan.

This is, by no means, a confirmation that Microsoft's Zune Pass is coming to the UK. Nor does it mean that the Zune HD is getting to launch overseas, either. Though, one without the other doesn't seem to make much sense, so you probably don't have to let your imagination run all that rampant. And considering Netflix is finally heading up to Canada, we can safely say that anything is possible in this day and age, right? Any UK-based residents out there excited about the possibility?

[via LiveSide]