Zune HD getting colorful update December 1st

Up until now the colorful part of the Zune HD has been its striking OLED display; if you wanted any color in your Microsoft PMP then you'd have to resort to a third-party skin or case.  That's set to change tomorrow, however, according to the official Zune store, which has tipped three new colors – Magenta, Red and Purple – as arriving on December 1st.

There are no official shots of the new Zune HD models – the above image is just a render someone threw together – but we're guessing the real things won't look too different.  Although there aren't any especially striking hues among the three, we reckon that's a pretty good idea on Microsoft's part; lime green sounds a great idea initially, but after a few months (and some accumulated grubbiness) it's a whole lot less appealing.

As far as we know the features and pricing of the new Zune HDs will be the same as the current PMPs, which means you get video, audio and image playback along with internet access over WiFi and excellent sound quality.  MRSP is $219.99 for the 16GB model and $269.99 for the 32GB model, currently available in black and silver.

[via DAP Review]