Zune 2 Unboxing

James Allan Brady - Jan 11, 2008

That’s right, Microsoft finally got around to sending us our Zune 2 for review. By now its so old news that everyone is already speculating on the next model. But, here is the unboxing, and we’ll do a review and let you know what we really think of the device if you are still on the fence about getting one, hopefully we’ll be able to help you one way or the other.

In case you were wondering, we didn’t get the nice 80GB, we got the flash-based 8GB model. Judging from the picture it’s a black one. I’ve already applied the update to my 30GB so I already have an idea how well the wireless synching and new interface work, and I can’t say i am too impressed, although the wireless syncing is pretty nice.

They sent it to Vincent, but I don’t think he is (un)lucky enough to have a Windows machine, so it might be someone else that does the review, we’ll see. For now though, enjoy the video, the picture, and hold tight for the review.

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