Zune 2 already on sale

Apparently there are some Wal-Mart locations that are a bit over-zealous on their timeline for release of the Zune 2. So if you live in St. Louis or are able to get there, you might check out a certain Wal-Mart that has decided to start selling them about 12 days ahead of time.

I have an original Zune, and I consider it a serious mistake, especially after buying an iPod Touch, but I am going to wait till the new firmware with the new features is released, update it, and then see if that makes it any more worthy, but I doubt it. The Zune 2 is just this much closer to being worthy of the price they are asking, if they would just give it one truly unique and new feature, it would probably sell, but as it is, they are only giving it the capability to sync with your PC wirelessly, a capability it should have had with the first release.

Bluetooth or something unique like that would set it apart and make it well worth the money, maybe they could even charge more than $200 for it. I gotta give Microsoft props for trying, but there are just so many better players out there, a major selling point for MS though is their Zune Marketplace subscription services where you can get all you can eat download subscriptions which is awesome.

Zune 2 already on sale? [via CrunchGear]