ZTE wins in court against Huawei

Smartphone makers ZTE Corporation and Huawei Technologies have been embroiled in a patent lawsuit in France. Huawei had filed a lawsuit against ZTE alleging infringement on patents having to do with data cards. The case is being heard in Paris District Court and the decision was handed down on March 28.

The French court rejected all of Huawei's claims on patent infringement focusing on the EP724 data card. The French ruling follows similar rulings handed down in China and Germany. The court in Paris rejected the patent infringement claims made by Huawei that focused on the "rotor head" data card patents saying that the patent lacked novelty.

The French court also ordered Huawei to pay €100,000 in damages to ZTE. The company has said that it has won numerous patent rulings against Huawei over the last two years in courts around Europe. ZTE also says that it will resolutely defend 10 other patent infringement claims made by Huawei in Europe.

In June of 2012, the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office ruled that this same patent held by Huawei was invalid. In October 2012, the German Federal Patent Court issued a preliminary verdict making the patent in question invalid. The German court also rejected six Huawei patent modification proposals.

[via ZTE]