ZTE Open Firefox OS phone hitting eBay in the US and UK

In a strange move by ZTE, the company is planning to sell its latest handset in the US and UK by listing it on eBay. Of course, this wouldn't the first time that companies have resorted to eBay for selling their products, but it's interesting to see a mobile phone maker sell their devices directly through eBay instead of their own website.

The phone is called the ZTE Open, and it will feature the Firefox OS, making it one of the first of several such devices to release in the US. The phone will be sold exclusively in orange for just $80 unlocked. And because it's unlocked, Mozilla says that the phone won't come with any local apps or features, meaning no bloatware!

Why the aim to sell on eBay, though? Essentially, it's all about bringing the ZTE Open to more consumers around the world, and the low price point and availability on eBay should give more customers the opportunity to purchase the new phone and use it how they see fit. The name of device really says it all.

The UK price of the ZTE Open will be listed at £60, and while the company didn't provide a specific release date, they say that we should expect sales to start "soon," although everyone's version of "soon" is different, but we should be seeing the device before the holiday shopping season begins. We're not sure how well the new device will take off, but we're guessing it'll be a fairly popular device amongst geeks and developers alike, not the mention those who enjoy a contract-less mobile experience.

VIA: VentureBeat