ZTE Nubia X Teardown Is Unexciting In A Good Way

Dual screen smartphones present as many puzzles as they solve. How do you effectively use it without accidentally trigger the other screen? How do you easily switch between the two screens? And more importantly, how easy would it be to open up the phone with out breaking anything. OK, maybe that last one isn't something most of us will ask but those interested in repairing the ZTE nubia X definitely will. Good thing Zack Nelson has the answer.

After admirably surviving all of JerryRigEverything's torture tests without a scratch (but with a small burn), it was only fitting that the innovative nubia X also be subjected to a teardown. Because it has a glass back and a back screen, there's almost twice the danger and twice the risk when going in somewhat blindly.

The good news is that it's not that different from prying off a regular glass back phone. There is a single cable connecting the rear screen to the main board, but it's one that would have also been present if the nubia X sported a normal rear-facing fingerprint scanner. Instead, it does use two side-facing fingerprint scanners, adding to the lego-like cable connectors.

Even better news, there are no hidden traps inside the nubia X. It's almost as if nubia just took a regular glass back and slapped on one with a second screen. It doesn't say much about repairability though at least most of the parts are indeed modular.

The ZTE nubia X is still a disaster waiting to happen with screens on both sides. The good news is that it at least won't be too much of a hellish journey when anything else breaks inside. Only time will tell if this design is something that will actually stick or if users would prefer a phone that has a notch but is cheaper and safer too.