ZTE Eco-Mobius modular smartphone eyes-on

Modular smartphone setups are still not something that would be considered mainstream by any means, but they do seem to be a setup that we are hearing more and more about. There has been chatter from Phonebloks as well as from Motorola with Project Ara. And more recently, we spotted the ZTE Eco-Mobius while walking the show floor here at CES.

The concept is the same as what we have been seeing. That is to say, this would be a handset where specific components could be slipped in and out. And as a result, this would allow users to upgrade parts of their smartphone, as opposed to their whole smartphone.

ZTE notes how the Eco-Mobius contains a core module, display module, battery model and camera module. As you'll see from the images here in the post — unlike some of the other modular setups we have seen, this one from ZTE appears to be a bit more streamlined and as a result, looking more like a regular smartphone.

Along with allowing users to upgrade any of the individual modules, ZTE is also looking to use this type of setup to reduce waste and pollution. Details here point towards how they "devote to create an intelligent and high-efficient component exchange mechanism, making the most of materials and reducing environment pressure on wasting and pollution."