ZTE D Evolution Phone Features Two Alphabets On The Keypad

I personally only speak one language, however, in today's world many people have chosen to learn multiple languages so that they have the ability to communicate with a larger group of people. One of the fastest-growing ways of communicating via text and email using a mobile phone. However, most mobile phone manufacturers only include a single alphabet on their keypads. Digit Wireless saw this as an issue and decided to release a phone with two different alphabets on the keypad.

The ZTE D Evolution phone features the Latin alphabet which is used by  languages such as English. You'll also see the Cyrillic alphabet on your keypad as well, for those that speak Russian, Serbian and a variety of other languages.

We don't currently know much about the actual features of the phone, however, it is noted that it will run on a 3G network. This is certainly an interesting concept for a phone, so we'll keep you posted on new developments.