ZTE Axon 30 Under Display Camera and new Axon 30 Ultra model confirmed

Luckily avoiding the fate that befell Huawei, ZTE has been left free to continue its smartphone business unobstructed and even sell some of those in the US. More than that, however, the company was even brave enough to push forward one of the holy grails in smartphone design. The ZTE Axon 20 5G's under-display camera or UDC, however, didn't really live up to expectations, but the company has now confirmed that a next-gen version is coming soon under the Axon 30 flagship name.

When it revealed what would be the world's first phone with UDC last year, ZTE was quite forthcoming with the innovations it made in that arena. In contrast, it has been pretty silent this year aside from the fact that it was indeed working on a second-gen UDC when everybody thought it abandoned that venture. There has been a recent rumor that its second attempt will be arriving soon and ZTE has just confirmed and teased that it will indeed happen this year.

It simply said that a new generation of camera phones with UDC technology is coming soon and that it will bear the Axon 30 name. It also teased a render of what the phone would look like, which is unsurprisingly almost 100% screen on the front. That said, it is just a marketing render so the absence of a visible "patch" above the UDC sensor should be taken with a grain of salt.

The teaser doesn't give an exact date for the Axon 30 5G with UDC's announcement, but ZTE does put a timestamp on another Axon 30 variant coming this week. On July 9 at 10 AM local time, ZTE will unveil a configuration of the Axon 30 Ultra with 16GB of RAM and a whopping 1TB of storage. Details are still thin on this new model, especially its global availability, but it won't be too long a wait to get the official word.

As for the ZTE Axon 30 5G with UDC, rumors claim it will debut on July 22. Whether it becomes available in global markets, particularly the US, is still a matter of debate. More importantly, it remains to be seen, literally, if it will indeed bring the promised improvements to the UDC technology co-developed with Visionox.