ZTE Axon 20 5G with under-display camera is coming next month

Perhaps trying to beat leaks that have all but revealed its existence, ZTE if formally confirming that, yes, the Axon 20 5G, or A20 5G in China, does exist. In fact, in a little over two weeks, the phone will actually be launching, at least in China. And, yes, ZTE is boasting the fact that it will be the world's first mass-produced 5G phone with that under-display camera that even the bigger OEMs have been trying to pull off for years.

Although it often gets eclipsed by bigger brands, ZTE has had its fair share of firsts when it comes to unique or even eccentric phones. It was one of the first few to come out with a dual-screen phone in the Axon M and tried to balance the notch craze with the two notches of the ZTE Iceberg. More recently, the ZTE Axon V tried to remove any notch or front-facing camera from the phone's screen but moved it instead to a "tab" to the side.

The Axon 20 5G, in contrast, will look as normal as you can get, at least until you try looking for the front camera. You won't find one, not until you actually need it, at which point it will show up behind the screen.

At least that's the theory behind how the technology works, a technology that will most likely come from Chinese OLED maker Visionox. Many companies, including Xiaomi and OPPO, have already talked about the theory and the science behind how under-display cameras will work but it will all boil down to actual tests. Something we'll have to wait for September 1 to actually see, literally.

ZTE is naturally coy about the rest of the Axon 20 5G's specs, in particular the 5G-enabled chip that could make or break the phone when it comes to the price tag. The company's September launch will target the Chinese market specifically but ZTE mentions nothing about global market expansion.