ZTE Axon 20 5G durability test inspects the under-display camera

One of the smartphone world's biggest innovations this year almost went under the radar, partially because of its limited availability. ZTE, however, did eventually make its Axon 20 5G available to more markets (except the US and Canada), and with it the world's first commercially available under-display camera. There has definitely been some interest in both the technology and its output and the novel phone is almost begging for a teardown, but not before JerryRigEverything puts it through the usual rigors to see how easy or hard it will break.

We'll just cut to the chase and declare the ZTE Axon 20 5G as a very durable phone. Despite costing nearly half the price of high-end flagships this year, the phone manages to still use durable, high-end components, particularly glass on both sides of the phone. In fact, the almost entire front is covered with glass, hiding all the sensors beneath, though there is still a bit of a chin at the bottom.

The exception to that is sides of the phone which are made from plastic. Fortunately, that doesn't have any negative consequence even if the phone flexes a bit during the bend test. Other than that, though, the phone survived intact.

YouTuber Zack Nelson spends more time on the under-display camera or UDC. ZTE already revealed some of the tricks it used to make them possible but it's still interesting to see how it performs in the real-world.

That said, users considering this phone will have to make a choice between design and functionality. While the UDC does work in practice, reviews have already panned the camera output's quality. Definitely not something a vlogger or social media influencer might want to rely on for their livelihood.