ZShock Lunatik iPod nano watchband is for the rich geek

We have seen more than enough watchbands and cases that turn your new iPod nano into a watch that you can wear on your wrist. Typically, they are made from silicone or aluminum. If you are a geek with means and want something a bit fancier that silicone and metal we have your watchband.

This thing is called the ZShock Lunatik iPod nano watch and it will set you back a cool $18,000. What you get for that much green is a typical nano watchband with a case that surround the nano and a black silicone strap with a clasp. What sets this $18k watchband apart for the $40 masses is the hoards of diamonds used on the clasp and the face.

The case of the band is made from white gold and it reportedly takes 3-4 weeks for the maker to hand set all the diamonds around the face for the watch and on the clasp. You can choose different metals for the case and choose other styles of diamonds too.

[via BGR]