Zooomer adds full multitouch zoom to HTC HD2

A week ago we described HTC's HD2 as the poster-child for Windows Mobile 6.5, despite HTC having to replace, rework or generally junk a lot of the Microsoft OS' native functionality and replace it with their own.  One such change – and a particularly welcome one at that – is multitouch support, but HTC have limited its use in the final build to the browser and a few other apps.  Now there's a nifty app which unlocks multitouch support in every app system-wide.

Zooomer for the HTC HD2 will work with any .exe executable file on the Windows Phone, and basically add in multitouch control.  That's going to be of mixed use, of course, since not all apps will really benefit from it, but we're glad to at least have the choice ourselves.  The functionality is selective, too, which means you can turn off Zooomer's multitouch on an app-by-app basis if you're experiencing problems or just find the zooming frustrating (such as in certain games, perhaps).

If anything, this shows one of the lesser-sung benefits of the Windows Mobile platform: that there are lots of developers out there familiar with it, and who will readily code together apps (and release them as donationware) that tinker with basic functionality in this way.  While Microsoft don't exactly encourage such modification, neither do they stand in its way (such as Apple might).  You can download Zooomer for the HTC HD2 here [.cab link]; it requires a soft reset before it will work.

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[via wmpoweruser]