Zoom R24 multi-track is your sampler, recorder, drum machine & controller interface

Chris Davies - Jun 17, 2010
Zoom R24 multi-track is your sampler, recorder, drum machine & controller interface

Zoom has unveiled their latest digital multi-track recorder, the Zoom R24, which throws not only 24-track playback/8-track simultaneous recording into the mixture but sampler functionality, a USB audio interface for your laptop or desktop computer, a drum machine and a mixing desk.  Capable of running for up to five hours on six AA batteries, complete with providing 48V/24V phantom power to up to six channels, media is stored on SD card (up to 32GB supported) and you can even daisy-chain two R24 units together for 16-track simultaneous recording.

Since more people are turning to their PCs or Macs for audio creation and editing these days, Zoom include a copy of Cubase LE 5 (though you can use your own software if you prefer) and the R24 works as a regular 8-in/2-out audio interface and controller.  You can also use the recorder’s own DSP effects from your software.

There are 400 drum machine patterns preloaded (and a USB drive with 500MB more from Peter Erskine and 1GB of Big Fish Audio loops included in the box) and over 100 effects to choose between.  We’re chasing up Zoom to find out official pricing, but the R24 will apparently be on sale from July 24th.

Press Release:

Shipping July 7th: Zoom’s New R24 Adds Tracks and Sampler

Zoom announces its new R24 recorder, which adds a sampler/drum machine, 8 additional recording tracks and 6 channels of phantom power to its popular R16. The R24 combines four production tools in one versatile device. The R24 is a digital multi-track recorder with 24-track playback and 8-track simultaneous recording, an audio interface, a control surface and a drum pad sampler.

The R24’s new sampler function consists of 24 built-in voices that can be triggered using 8 pads and 3 bank keys to assign sounds to each track and create loops. Also, you can use the unit’s drum machine and its 400 rhythm patterns to create original backing beats, or simply output a metronome for tempo control. As a bonus feature, exclusive loops by Grammy Award winner Peter Erskine are included.

“The R24 is a total music production solution,” says Mark Wilder, Director of Marketing. “With the R24, you get a complete system for producing music in any setting. More than ever before, Zoom users have all the tools necessary to create studio-quality recordings anywhere.”

The R24 records on SD memory cards and supports cards up to 32GB for over 100 track hours of recording. The flexibility of SD recording makes the R24 lighter and more reliable. Over 100 built-in studio and mastering effects can be used to enhance recordings.

In addition, the R24’s USB audio interface allows users to record tracks to any Mac or PC and utilize the system’s control surface capabilities to manage the functions of most DAW software programs, most notably the included Cubase LE 5.

With the new Zoom R24, versatility, control and comprehensive features come together in a single device that puts everything you need for professional music production right at your fingertips.

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