Zoom is finally rolling out its end-to-end encryption feature

Several months after stating that it would introduce the highly requested security feature, Zoom is finally rolling out end-to-end encryption on its remote working platform, providing users with a more secure option at times when it is needed. The company first announced plans to release an E2EE feature back in May, but it has taken a while to introduce the option, which will first arrive as a technical preview.

End-to-end encryption, which is more commonly referred to as 'E2EE,' is a security technology that encrypts communications between two or more parties, ensuring only the sender and recipient are able to view the content. Assuming the technology is properly used, a third-party individual or group will be unable to decrypt and view the content.

This level of security makes E2EE vital in the business world and for anyone who engages with sensitive data. As well, consumers are increasingly turning to the technology as a way to keep their documents, photos, and messages private in the case of potential leaks or snooping individuals.

In an announcement today, Zoom said that it will roll out its end-to-end encryption feature next week, but it will first be available as a technical preview for the first 30 days. Both free and paid Zoom users will get access to the feature, which supports up to 200 participants in the same meeting with the encryption turned on.

Zoom already features encryption and other security features, but end-to-end encryption is a necessary feature for some users who may be looking toward other platforms, including messaging apps like Signal and platforms with more extensive support like Wickr Pro.