Zoom drops new G2Nu and G2.1Nu guitar pedals for rockers

My lack of musical talent has been well documented. I attribute my musical inability to the lack of interest in any sort of practice. Guitarists have all sorts of gadgets and gear they can use to make their music sound better and different like effects pedals and other stuff. A company called Zoom has unveiled a couple new effects pedals for guitarists called the G2Nu and the G2.1Nu.

The new pedals offer features that were created with the help of Steve Vai. The devices get overdrive/distortion sounds along with twenty different guitar amp and stomp box effects for different sounds that include gain settings and harmonic character.

The pedals have patches that offer musicians sounds from the 60's and 70's and the G2.1Nu adds an integrated expression pedal for more control over the sound. Both of the devices can allow for recording to a computer with USB outputs and feature a 1.9-inch LCD for settings and more. Free software to allow the user to monitor and capture tones on the computer is available for download to go with both the devices.