Zoom alternative Google Meet needs sticking power

The importance of a good brand name is important to the highest degree, especially when it comes to marketing at times of extreme stress. Over the past few weeks, during an unprecedented global event (COVID-19 pandemic, that is to say), the name "ZOOM" became synonymous with simple, one-tap video conferencing. Google's got the capacity, technology, and knowledge to make a video conferencing system rivaling that of Zoom, but until now, they didn't have the right brand.

Google's had more than a couple messaging systems over the past decade. This one's the second branding of an earlier service.the second branding of an earlier service. Google's tried more than their fair share of solutions, brands, and designs. With a "free for all" version of Google Meet, Google's likely got a winner on their hands. A winner that'll shoot for the moon – replacing Zoom.

All that Google needed was a system that seemed as simple as it was to remember. Google is a household name, but "Google Duos" was not. Google Duos was not a system that was ever going to win over the masses at home. Zoom's got a stranglehold on everyday users – it's become a default for video conferencing in the first four months of 2020.

But if Google plays their cards right, and makes certain that using Google Meet is as simple and one-tap flawless as Zoom, they'll win. They'll also need to figure out the whole "green-screen background" that works with great ease with Zoom – that's cool enough to be a deciding factor in choosing a video conferencing platform. When an official Star Wars collection is released for just such a purpose, you've gotta take advantage.

At this time, Google says they're expecting to have Google Meet – the free, unlimited service, Google Meet – will be released by early May, 2020. Groups and teams will be able to connect with Google Meet through G Suite Essentials, which... is going to ruin everything.

Google's attempting to use Google Meet to get people to sign up for G Suite Essentials which, unfortunately, requires a subscription. Google's making the G Suite Essentials fee free through September 30th, which might just be enough time to kick everyone into the mix. But Zoom's still simpler – but will it be enough?

If you're all about considering using Google Meet, head over to our first Google Meet goes free article or just skip over to Google Meet page at Google.