Zoo Hospital to be released for the Wii

I am extremely aware that my gaming tendencies tend to fall under very specific categories and I rarely stray outside of those. However, I can still typically appreciate other people's tastes in games. I try to have the live and let live stand point and try not to judge other people's gaming tendencies too harshly. Yet, this game is so completely ridiculous that I can't help but say so.

You seriously go around and heal sick animals as well as take X-Rays and do dentist work. Wow, that is exactly the reason I bought a Wii so I could pick a camel's teeth. This has already been released for the DS and is now being released for the Wii as well. Apparently the DS version didn't exactly get grand reviews.

It will be released later on this year. I'm sure everyone who hears of its release will be anxiously awaiting the release date.

[via nintendowiifanboy]