ZombiU heading to PS4, Xbox One, and PC as 'Zombi'

It has been a few years since ZombiU, the zombie game for Nintendo's Wii U, made its first appearance. The game came about in 2012, and by summer 2013 its maker, Ubisoft, failed to see a profit from the game — something that was more damning of the Wii U than anything else. The game was originally meant to be a Wii U exclusive, but a few years ago it was mentioned that it may arrive on other consoles, and the very poor reception on the Wii U spurred that toward reality.

Despite its poor sales performance as a Wii U exclusive, the game itself is very well done, and now it'll be available to those on the other two big consoles, as well as PC. It won't be called ZombiU, however, dropping the "U" in favor of a more simple and platform-agnostic "Zombi".

Ubisoft dropped a trailer for the new rendition on its YouTube account today, describing the came as "nail-biting" and "pure survival horror". Which, depending on how you feel about zombies, it may be. The company is sure to tease how thoroughly the "survival" aspect comes into play — says Ubisoft, "one wrong move" and you may lose everything, and that death is permanent.

The game will be available to download on PC, the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One. It isn't clear what changes have been made to the game, though Ubisoft says it is "scarier than ever". You can get an idea of what to expect from the trailer above. The game will be available starting August 18.

SOURCE: Kotaku