ZiiLABS ZMS-40 and ZMS-20 processors tipped

Shane McGlaun - May 11, 2011
ZiiLABS ZMS-40 and ZMS-20 processors tipped

Creative has been the consumer electronics world for a long time with all sorts of things like media players and lots more. The chip-building arm of Creative is called ZiiLABS and it has a couple new processors that have been shown off for the first time today. The new processors look impressive too and are aimed at Android 3.0 tablet use. The new processors include the ZMS-20 and the ZMS-40. The ZMS-20 is the first new processor from ZiiLABS since the ZMS-08 debuted a couple years ago.

The ZMS-20 processor is a dual-core part that operates at 1.5GHz and is based on a Cortex A9 processing core. The ZMS-20 is said to be four times faster than the ZMS-08 that it replaces. There aren’t that many details on the ZMS-40 chip, but the few that are offered make the chip sound very impressive. The ZMS-40 is a quad-core part and it is said to be capable of operating at up to 6GHz. That would make for a very high performance tablet indeed.

I hope that the power consumption of the ZMS-40 isn’t as high as its clock speed though. Both of the processors are aimed at use inside Android 3.0 tablets. ZiiLABS is also offering an Android Tablet Platform that includes the ZMS-20 processor, the ability to customize or white label tablet designs, and certification and conformation abilities.

[via Android Community]

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