Zibra Open It! is perfect for the coming holidays

Shane McGlaun - Oct 14, 2010
Zibra Open It! is perfect for the coming holidays

I have long through that the person who designed the packaging that many gadgets and electronic devices come in is a sick and twisted person. They are as bad as the people that come up with the 100 zip ties to keep a small child’s toy in the box method of displaying a product. Zibra is officially reintroducing its magic tool of less frustration called the Open It.

This comes just in time for the holidays with tools to open any kind of package safely and easily. This thing will work much better than the steak knife I typically use. The Open it has long cutting jaws to cut through those clamshell packages without cutting off your own finger with the razor sharp plastic. The blades also cut through those zip ties on toys as well.

A retracting blade is featured for slicing open the world’s stickiest tape typically used to hold the edges of your new CD or DVD together. I’m pretty sure that tape is payback from record labels for piracy. The Open It even has a little screwdriver in this since the screws on most toys are so small I always resort to the tip of a knife to remove them. It even has a bottle cap opener for those much needed beer breaks Christmas day. You can pick one up now for $9.99.

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