Zhongyi S101 MID caught live with iPhone 3G & Viliv S5

The Zhongyi S101 MID has been cavorting in the wild with Viliv's S5 and the iPhone 3G, and size-wise it's looking promising.  Thinner than the S5 – which has always looked a little tubby – the 4.3-inch S101 is reportedly fast in operation with a well-responsive touchscreen.More S101 feedback after the cut

Default browser is Firefox, with grab-and-drag supported, and the integrated phone functionality – it's unclear whether that's 3G or EDGE, but given the Chinese market I'd think the latter - works well.  However it'll only operate with the included dock attached, as that has the SIM slot.

Interestingly, the S101's distributor has mentioned that it could as easily run Windows Mobile as it does the current unknown Linux build; I doubt I'm alone in saying that I'd be more interested in seeing Android on there instead.  Google's open-source OS makes much more sense on a MID than it does a netbook, in my opinion.