ZeroHour modular tactical battery backup flashlight hits funding goal

Shane McGlaun - Dec 24, 2013, 5:46am CST
ZeroHour modular tactical battery backup flashlight hits funding goal

If you are the sort of person that likes to be ready for anything, you may have a flashlight and a battery charger in your bag ready to use when you need it. A new flashlight called the ZeroHour turned up and it does a lot more than light your path in the dark. The ZeroHour flashlight is a modular tactical battery backup flashlight, which is a mouth full.

The battery backup portion of the flashlight is easy to understand when you look at the back of the light and see a pair of USB ports. That means you can plug in any USB charging device and give it a power boost. The battery pack inside the ZeroHour flashlight offers 10000 mAh or power.

It appears that one of the USB ports offers 1.5A and the other offers 2.1A of power. The back of the flashlight also has LED indicators to show the power level in the light itself. Power for the light comes from three 3400 mAh batteries.

The light has four settings with low, medium, high, and max providing between 20 and 1000 lumens of power. It also has a strobe and SOS function. The light is good for over six hours on high power. A pledge of $160 or more is required to get the full ZeroHour standard flashlight. Lower amount pledges will get you the waterproof body alone or the battery backup alone. The project raised over $100,000.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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