VooMote Zapper is up for pre-order

If you are an iOS user, we have another new universal remote that you can choose from for controlling your gear. This new offering is from, the same folks that make the VooMote One we have talked about in the past. The new device is called the VooMote Zapper and it is a better looking device than the older offering.

The Zapper is up for pre-order as of right now and you can get free shipping with that. It will ship by the middle of the month and it will be in retail stores as well. The Zapper plugs into the 30-pin connector on the iOS device. The Zapper is said to be as small as a paperclip.

It works with an app that you download to give you control over hundreds of thousands of devices. The photo has many different colors, but initially only black or white versions will be available. This appears to be a more basic universal remote app with no mention of a guide like other devices offer.