Zeraora, Pokemon's newest mythical monster, arrives later this year

The Pokemon roster is getting another mythical creature later this year. Today, The Pokemon Company released a trailer for the franchise's 21st movie (yes, there have been that many), which gives us the briefest of glimpse at this new Pocket Monster. This electric Pokemon goes by the name of Zeraora, and as you'd imagine, details on it are fairly slim at the moment.

Here's what we know so far, thanks to Pokemon's US site. Zeraora is known as the "Thunderclap Pokemon" and is a single-type electric monster. Unlike most of the other electric Pokemon out there, Zeraora doesn't generate electricity within its body, instead gathering and storing electricity from the world around it. Apparently, the pads on its hands and feet can create a magnetic field so strong that it can levitate through the air.

Like most other electric critters in the Pokemon universe, we can expect Zeraora to be fast as well. The listing claims that Zeraora can move as fast as a lightning strike when it gets up to max speed, so if you care about landing the first blow in a Pokemon battle, Zeraora probably deserves a spot on your roster. You can see Zeraora in the trailer for Pokemon: Everyone's Story above, or in a gameplay trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon below.

While the 3DS trailer doesn't give away any other information, it does say that more details are coming soon. One thing to keep in mind is that we probably won't be able to catch Zeraora in-game, thanks to its status as a mythical Pokemon. Mythical Pokemon, as seasoned Pokemon veterans will already know, are an even rarer subset of legendary Pokemon that are usually only available through giveaway promotions.

Of course, mythical Pokemon have been obtainable in recent titles, so that isn't necessarily the hard and fast rule it once was. We'll just have to wait and see how Game Freak and The Pokemon Company decide to distribute Zeraora later this year. Stay tuned, because we should get more details as we close in on summer and the Japanese release of Pokemon: Everyone's Story.