Zepto notebooks now available in US and Canada - like Alienware, but smaller

Just imagine if Alienware took some of the fanciness out of the case design of their notebooks, and then made the majority of their notebook product line roughly 14.1-inches in size and you've pretty much got Zepto's product lineup. Zepto keeps their gaming notebooks small and light by using the smaller form factor, however they do have a couple of 15.4" models as well.

All of Zepto's gaming notebooks (they don't make desktops, only notebooks) come with NVIDIA's GeForce 8600M GT card with half a gig of VRAM and they all come with 6 cell batteries as well as Intel Core 2 Duo processors, most of them are pre-configured with the T8100 at 2.1GHz, but there are other options available. Personally my favorite thing is that you can order these notebooks with no OS or with any version of Vista you prefer or WinXP pro or home, both with SP2.

You can get up to 4GB of RAM, Hard Drives range from the bottom of the line 120GB 5400RPM drives all the way up to 500GB or your choice of 32/64GB SSD drives for a hefty price. You can also expand the batteries, get Bluetooth, and they all come with Zepto's own 300MB WiFi card with b/g/n inside. Their cheapest notebook isn't a gaming one and starts at $1181, the most expensive models, when maxed out, are $4033, so, they are pretty reasonably priced.

[via ZeptoUSA]