Zensorium Tinke Lightning edition zen fitness device to arrive in October

Back in December, Zensorium released its Tinke fitness accessory for the iPhone, a colorful square device allowing fitness enthusiasts who use iOS to monitor their health by connecting directly to their smartphone. The original device features a 30-pin connector, but a Lightning edition will be rolling out this upcoming October.

The updated edition was unveiled with little fanfare, earning itself a home on Zensorium's website with sparse details and a gallery. Users can pre-order the device now for $119 USD in either Blue (model ZTIL-01) or Grey (model ZTIL-04). The only difference between the Lightning model and the original is that it features a Lightning connector rather than a 30-pin.

The Tinke device differs a bit from other fitness devices, namely achieving the distinction with its Zen Index feature. Users can monitor their state of relaxation – or zen – in that mode, with the device looking at things like deep breathing. There's also a Vita Index mode, which monitors not only breathing rate, but also blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

Zensorium brags that no other fitness device in the market monitors "4 body parameters," which is comprised of heart rate, respiration rate, heart rate variability, and blood oxygen levels. The blood volume measurements are achieved using optical sensors and what is referred to as "advanced signal processing techniques." As with the original device, all the data can be accessed by plugging directly into an iOS device.

The data can then be reviewed over the course of days or weeks, and shared with others using the social aspects of the app, which includes – for example – Facebook support. There's no specific date in October when it will be available, but we'll update you when we know more.

SOURCE: Cult of Mac