Zen Is A Simplistic Connected Thermostat For Your Home

If you're looking for a high-tech thermostat, but Nest and its competitors aren't quite to your liking, ZenWithin has a new product it is about to launch on Indiegogo. The Zen Thermostat is a square LED-studded thermostat that, if all proves successful, will hit shelves for $150 to $200 USD.

The Zen Thermostat is hailed as being simple in design and easy to use, toting a modern interface that blends in well with any modern decor. The thermostat will be available in white and black, and the temperature display will fade away when not in use.

There are left and right arrows on the thermostat that can be used to choose between heating and cooling modes, as well as up and down arrows for setting the temperature. That's the extent of its interface, with the rest of its features coming in the form of connectivity.

Using WiFi, the Zen Thermostat can be integrated into an existing smart home or used solo, with its accompanying mobile app being used for things like remote control, setting temperature zones, making schedules, and creating presets. If all this sounds interesting, the thermostat will be launching on Indiegogo on September 1.

VIA: Digital Trends