Zelda open-world gameplay trailer sets Wii U up for glory

Chris Burns - Jun 10, 2014
Zelda open-world gameplay trailer sets Wii U up for glory

It would appear that Nintendo might have a winner on their hands with the new Zelda title for Wii U with high-definition presentation and an open-world universe. This version of Zelda appears to be a ramped-up Wind Walker, ready to rule the planes with a structure that’s far more vast than any Zelda that’s been presented on any platform before.

Series producer Eiji Aonuma both announced and presented the game at length today during the Nintendo Digital Presentation for E3 2014. Below you’ll see Aonuma showing the game off in classic (odd) Nintendo fashion, complete with green screen.

This game will continue to use the name The Legend of Zelda – here they’re revisiting the conventions of the Zelda series, changing them to bring Zelda into the future. The creators of this game have taken the previous releases to seek the finest elements of all the games.

The first Zelda felt vast for its time – Wind Walker felt large too, but had many boundaries. These boundaries are about to be broken.

This New World of Zelda – that’s not the name, but it’s certainly indicative of the wideness of the environment. The boundaries are down. You can enter any area from any direction. The puzzles are far more intense than any release before, and your choices form the game.

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