Zaky Infant Pillow – Creepy hands to cradle your baby

Christina Crouch - Dec 11, 2007

I don’t have any children so I’m not, by any means, an expert on what’s good for them. Still, while I get why “Zaky” would be helpful/useful I’m just completely creeped out by the whole idea.

The Zaky Infant Pillow is a pair of disembodied hands that will “hold” your baby as it rests. The thought behind this is that your baby will be comforted by “your touch” when you put your scent on it. It’s also supposed to ease the mind of the parent by giving your baby a part of your while you’re away from it, whether during daycare or what have you.

The Pregnancy Store is selling the Zaky Infant Pillow for $38.95. I do, honestly, understand the thought behind it but what happens when your kid grows up and realizes you make it sleep with fake half hands as a baby… who’s going to comfort you when you get the therapy bill?

Disembodied Hands to Keep Infant Feeling Secure [via Boing Boing]

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