ZAGGsparq 1220, 3100, and 6000 portable batteries debut

ZAGG has been producing some interesting accessories for tablets and smartphones for a while now. The company is perhaps best known for its line of super-strong protective films for the screens of smartphones and tablets. The company also has a line of external batteries called the ZAGGsparq.

ZAGG has unveiled three new lithium polymer external batteries to help keep your gadgets charged. The new batteries include the ZAGGsparq 1220, 3100, and 6000. The 3100 and 6000 units both feature Hypercharge Technology promising to allow your gadgets charge up to four times faster than using a standard USB charger.

All the batteries have a standard USB port and have built-in prongs for plugging the battery directly into the wall. Having integrated prongs means that you don't need a USB port to charge the external battery, and you don't have to keep up with an external power adapter. The difference between the three batteries comes in capacity.

The 1220 has a 1200 mAh 1A power source and sells for $39.99. The 3100 has an internal battery with 3100 mAh of juice and can charge a smartphone fully two times and sells for $69.99. The 6000 has 6000 mAh of power, two USB ports, and sells for $99.99.