ZAGG Z.buds earphones announced

ZAGG is pretty well known for their accessories and these new Z.buds earphones just add to that fact, adding one more category to the company's product range. Interestingly enough, the Z.buds have already received the status of 2009 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree.

Some of the features housed within the sleek package of the Z.buds includes passive noise cancellation, which makes it so conversations and music can be heard much more clearly, fuller sound and more. The cord is made out of nylon, making for a more durable product and you have many options when wearing the earphones.

For instance, you can wear it around your neck, the back of your neck, over the ear or however you feel comfortable. Both black and red color options will be available. You have the added benefit of these earphones acting as a handsfree headset as well, with a built-in microphone, in-line volume and more. These earphones cost $64.99. You can pre-order them now, but they won't be shipped until December 1st.