ZAGG Pocket Keyboard brings comfy typing to your phone, tablet

As smartphones get larger, the ability to type on them has progressively been tougher. More screen means less room for your non-growing human hands. Hacking out a quick text message might be easy enough, but if you've got a longer email you need to work on — you know the strain your thumbs feel. ZAGG is introducing their new Pocket Keyboard for those times when a virtual keyboard on your larger screen just won't do. It might even have you turning away from the desktop, as ZAGG says 85% of the standalone keyboard is found in their offering.

The fold-up model is as you'd expect one to be; bluetooth, and cross platform (Android, Windows, iOS). It also folds up nicely, with a hinge between the rows for more streamlined fold-and-go utility. When folded down, the ZAGG Pocket Keyboard is 9 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches.

A built-in stand keeps your display facing forward, and magnets built into the keyboard itself keep it closed with you're on the run. ZAGG's Pocket Keyboard also won't turn on unless it's open, keeping your batteries charged up for longer (and saving you from remembering to turn something else off!).

The included Lithium-Ion battery will last two years between charges, says ZAGG. That's with "regular use", which they assume to be about an hour daily.

The Pocket Keyboard will retail for $69.99, and arrive in Q1 2015. For those with larger phones or smaller tablets, it just might be the typing solution you've been looking for.