Yuneec Typhoon H3 drone packs high-end Leica camera tech

Chinese drone company Yuneec has introduced the Typhoon H3, the company's first drone launched in partnership with camera manufacturer Leica. The drone features the ION L1 Pro, a camera that features a large 1-inch sensor and Leica technology. Yuneec claims the Typhoon H3's camera was designed specifically for aerial photography.

The Yuneec Typhoon H3 drone features six rotors and a design that allows the drone to remain stable in the air despite windy conditions, the company claims. The ION L1 Pro camera is attached to the drone using a stabilized 3-axis gimbal, enabling users to capture clear, blur-free content at up to 4K/60fps (video) and 20-megapixels (still images).

The camera is the drone's biggest selling point — it boasts the ability to capture content in 360-degrees for panoramic shots, among other things. The model features Cruise Control, which Yuneec says allows users to focus on getting the perfect image using the onboard camera. The ION L1 Pro offers 10-bit Y-Log and DNG profiles for professional post-processing.

The company packs a number of notable features in the new drone, including a unique five-rotor mode that enables the device to both fly and land even if one of the rotors fails or in some way becomes damaged. The Typhoon H3 features ultrasound sensors that enables it to detect and avoid obstacles in order to prevent collisions. Users can expect up to 23 minutes of flight time per charge.

The Typhoon H3 works with a companion ST16S Android-based remote control with an integrated 7-inch display. Users can view footage from the camera in real-time in 720p high-definition quality, plus there's an HDMI port on the remote for using an external monitor. The drone's price and availability are unclear at this time.