YouTube's SnoopaVision takes immersion to the next level [April Fools]

I've talked a lot over the last few months about how virtual reality is the future. There are still a lot of technological hurdles to overcome, but today we take a leap forward, thanks to Google. It turns out that the answer to our full immersion needs has been here all along, and his name is Snoop.

A little while back, Google had the brilliant idea to help push VR immersion into the next level. The idea was that you could take a celebrity such as Snoop Dogg, and integrate him into your videos. That way you could sit back and chill with a guy that you're rarely going to encounter in real life. Well, when they contacted him, they had no idea that he was an absolute genius when it comes to programming and integrating virtual technologies.

Snoop personally wrote most of the code that goes into the new SnoopaVision. He brainstormed with the YouTube team to make the most realistic versions of himself that could be integrated into everything from the Double Rainbow Song to a guy doing a Crazy Mountain Biking POV. Go ahead and give them a shot, these are some of the first working SnoopaVision-enabled videos.

All you need to do to activate SnoopaVision is click on the icon of Snoop's head next to the Settings button on any YouTube video. Then you'll find yourself in a theater watching the video with none other than the D. O. Double G. He'll give you a little commentary on the video, and sometimes, if you're lucky, he might even bring the video's creator along into your virtual world. All SnoopaVision videos are 360-degree videos. So be sure look around while you're inside.

Like everything new from Google, SnoopaVision is currently in beta. It is scheduled to go live on September 19, 2126.

Source: YouTube