YouTube's newest team will battle video takedown blunders

Copyright violations — and claims of such — get videos taken down from YouTube everyday, and unfortunately they're not all valid. Creators have long expressed discontent about mistaken YouTube takedowns, something the company has itself addressed in various ways over time. Most recently, YouTube has announced the launch of a new team dedicated to reducing the number of mistaken video takedowns, hopefully appeasing Creators and making its monetization platform a little more appealing all the while.

In a recent post on the Google Product Forums, a YouTube staffer identifying as Spencer announced the company has been looking into further reducing mistaken video takedowns, and as such has created a team "dedicated to minimizing mistakes and improving the quality of our actions." It seems the new team will be tasked with both channel demonetization and video takedown issues.

Spencer went on to say:

We want you to know that we monitor video takedowns very closely, and while we haven't seen a big change in the overall rate of removals, it's true that we do make mistakes. For this, we're sorry and we strive to do better by you, our community.

YouTube also have some new "initiatives" it will be rolling out in the upcoming months, he said, that will in some way further communication between the YouTube Creators and YouTube support team. Details on that weren't provided, however. He also says monetization claims transparency is also being improved.

The move is one made to address criticism over YouTube's handling of copyright claims. Many users on the platform claim the system is being abused, with such ne'erdowells using the reporting system to get videos and, in some cases, entire channels taken down. Once that happens, users argue there is still inadequate recourse for getting the actions reversed, and that YouTube should be more proactive in avoiding the takedowns altogether.

SOURCE: Google