YouTube VR released to Oculus GO

Chris Burns - Sep 26, 2018, 1:02pm CDT
YouTube VR released to Oculus GO

YouTube VR finally made its way to Oculus GO this week at OC5. That’s Oculus Connect, the 5th in a row, bringing with it a wide array of new games and experiences in each of the three Oculus VR headsets. This app brings the entire world of YouTube to Oculus GO in more ways than one.

This release makes Google Daydream pretty much the same as Oculus GO. It’s almost strange that YouTube VR was released to the Oculus GO, since being set aside with this app was one of the very few things Google Daydream had to itself. But here it is, nonetheless.

YouTube VR will also almost certainly be available on the Oculus Quest at launch. Since both devices run Android, it’d be a very strange thing to see that headset launch without this key app.

YouTube VR will be made available on the Oculus GO fully this week – or very, very soon. Users will find the YouTube VR app in the standard Oculus app store. When launched YouTube VR will work with the same features it has on any other Android VR headset. That means 360 spherical video, 360 spherical streaming content, 3D stereo, and all sorts of flat videos in virtual environments.

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