YouTube VR arrives on Steam, but users report major bugs

YouTube just launched a virtual reality app for Steam, making it available to HTC Vive users. That's good news, except that many of those users are reporting some pretty serious bugs, some of them so problematic that the app repeatedly crashes, making it unusable. This isn't the first iteration of YouTube designed for virtual reality headsets. Google previously launched a YouTube VR app for its Daydream VR platform.

The YouTube VR app is exactly what you'd expect it to be: a version of YouTube designed for browsing the service using a VR headset rather than a phone or laptop. The interface is 3D and arranges things across the entire 360-degree space rather than in a box. This provides direct access to 360-degree videos that are best watched with a virtual reality headset. That is, if the app works well enough for you to launch them.

In the hours since arriving, VR headset users are reporting a bunch of bugs that have resulted in low ratings and online complaints. Some users say the app crashes right after they start it, doing so over and over so that it is unusable. Others say it offers low-quality video, that there are stereoscopic videos that won't play, and that it is buggy when used with the Vive controllers.

It should be noted, however, that the app is currently an "Early Access" version; YouTube notes on its SteamVR page that "we're working on building a complete YouTube VR experience...we hope to get feedback to help inform design and development." Assuming you have a VR headset to use with it, you can download it here.