YouTube ushers in new design

On the company's blogspot today, YouTube announced a couple of changes, most notable among them being a redesign that aims to accommodate screen sizes of all flavors. Users will also see changes to the playlists feature, which makes making and browsing the feature easier.

The new YouTube design is subtle, meaning the foundation of the previous design is still there — those who don't visit the video service very often might not even notice the change, though it is a definite alteration, one that is arguably more usable than the last one — or, at least, more streamlined.

The content has been neatly nestled into the middle of the website, with the right and left margins being reserved for the user links and advertisements, as is applicable. This makes it easier to readjust for smaller and larger displays, and brings with it a more mobile feel complete with quick access links to subscriptions and such.

As mentioned, the playlist feature has also scored some additional changes, among them being both liked and created playlists within a user's guide. Those who create playlists will get a new page that improvements editing, and a new playlist channel has been added to make it easier to find new channels to subscribe to.

SOURCE: YouTube Blogspot