YouTube TV joins main video app on some Vizio SmartCast TVs

Only weeks after Google merged its main YouTube and YouTube TV apps on Roku, the company is back with a similar update for the latest Vizio smart TVs. Assuming you have a supported model, you'll be able to access YouTube TV from within the regular YouTube app, eliminating the need to install and toggle between two different products.

Early last month, Google announced that it had merged YouTube TV with the main YouTube app on Roku. The change followed a dispute between the two companies that resulted in Roku removing the YouTube TV app, but leaving the main YouTube offering.

Google had said at the time that it would bring this change to other devices 'over time.' This week brings the latest update to this matter, with Google revealing that YouTube TV is now merged with the main YouTube app for Vizio users who own one of the company's SmartCast 2020 or 2021 devices.

YouTube TV is found within the main YouTube app on the left-hand side of the interface. You'll need to scroll to the bottom of the side navigation bar. Users will need to sign in to their YouTube TV account the first time they launch the service from within the main YouTube app, according to Google.

The rollout onto another series of devices makes this merge more than just a workaround to the Roku problem. It's unclear which devices may be next in the pipeline to get YouTube TV support in the main YouTube app, but users can keep tabs on the platform's Twitter account for future updates.