YouTube TV Apple TV download ready to roll

Late last year, Google revealed that it was working on Roku and Apple TV apps for YouTube TV, and that we'd have them sometime in spring 2018. This was a long-awaited move for YouTube TV, as it meant that many people would be able to stream their service to their TV using hardware many of us already own. It seems that Google had both of these apps ready to go far earlier than anticipated, as yesterday it at last launched the Roku app many YouTube TV users have been waiting for.

And yet, even though we finally received Roku support for YouTube TV, the Apple TV app was nowhere to be seen. At the time the Roku app went live, Google said that an Apple TV version would go live "very soon," and as it turns out, it wasn't kidding. YouTube TV is now available on Apple TV, giving even more people the chance to use their subscriptions through their streaming box of choice.

To be sure, these are big launches for Google and YouTube TV, as many cord cutters out there use a Roku device or an Apple TV to stream content. YouTube TV needs all the help it can get in going up against the giants of live TV streaming like Sling – Google's own attempt at live TV arrived a little late to the party, and now there's a lot of ground to make up in the race for market share.

It shouldn't be surprising, then, that YouTube TV has seen fairly rapid expansion throughout its first year of availability. Though YouTube TV was first only launched in a few cities around the US, in the time since then, availability has grown to 80 markets across the country.

Unfortunately, not all Apple TV users will be able to download the app. Over on the help page for YouTube TV, Google says that the app is only compatible with 4th-generation Apple TV boxes and Apple TV 4K, so if you don't have one of those, you'll need to upgrade your hardware. If you do have one of those devices, though, you'll be able to find the YouTube TV app on the App Store now, so go check it out.