YouTube Trends Map shows which videos are big in your city

Inside the USA, YouTube has ushered in a Trends Map, this map allowing you to see which videos are showing up most often in the area you live in. While it would appear that most of the United States is watching a trailer for the 6th season of True Blood at the moment, there's no shortage of YouTubers out there looking at a Bad Lip Reading engagement with The Walking Dead from East to West Coast. YouTube's new map will allow you, the user, to break down which videos are trending hardest across the country based on a variety of breakdowns.

Included in the map is mainland USA as well as bits of Alaska and Hawaii – though you'll find both of the smaller areas stuffed in the pocket of the larger, per usual smashed maps for convenience. Regions are mapped according to larger populations – don't expect Staples, Minnesota to appear any time soon.

What's interesting about the break-down you'll see on the YouTube Trends Map is the differences between shares and views, age demographics, and gender based on Google information you've given the search engine whilst viewing videos. It's not clear at the moment what Google does for breaking down Male and Female audiences – in the past we've found such situations to default to Male: we'll see what Google has to say about the situation soon.

Meanwhile have a tap through the Age separations to see what's happened to our hive mind – it doesn't seem to matter what age viewers are, everyone wants to see the water polo player nudge his opponent into the pool as the rest of his teammates shake hands for a good game. Everyone loves to giggle.