YouTube rolls out an updated video player

You may have already noticed this morning that YouTube has rolled out a revised version of its video player for desktop users. The new video player looks very nice and you can see it in the image here or when you play any of the embedded videos on SlashGear. YouTube didn't bother to toss up a PR to tell us all of what it changed leaving us to glean the details for ourselves.

What we can tell is that the transparency in the title and playback control bars makes more of the video viewable without having to wait a few seconds for the bars to go away when you hit play or hit full screen. That is a nice change.

If you frequently copy video urls to share your favorite videos via email or social media, the right click menu has changed as well. That right click menu is transparent and when you click "get video url" it just copies the url to your clipboard rather than opening up another little box with the url in it for you to then copy and paste. Fewer clicks to get something done is a great thing.

If you are sharing lots of videos, that certainly makes it faster and easier to get the links. That right click menu still lets you grab the video at the current time if you want, report playback issues, get debug info, and view the stats for nerds.